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Bactericidal effects of plasma generated cluster ions (Engels)

Bactericidal effects of plasma-generated cluster ions

Digel I, Temiz Artmann A, Nishikawa K, Cook M, Kurulgan E, Artmann GM.

University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany. digel@fh-aachen.de

Air purification by plasma-generated cluster ions (PCIs) relies on a novel technology producing hydrated positive and negative ions.

Phenomenological tests have shown strong evidence of lethal effects of the PCIs on various micro-organisms. However, the mechanisms of PCI action are still widely unknown. The aim was thus to test the bactericidal efficacy of PCI technology on common indoor micro-organisms and to explore possible PCI mechanisms of action. According to time/dose-dependent experiments with Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, Micrococcus and Bacillus, the inhibiting effects became apparent within the first few minutes of PCI exposure and led to an irreversible 99.9% destruction within the following 2-8 h of exposure. The destructive effect of the PCIs corresponded to membrane damage of the bacteria.

Use of the techniques of both SDS PAGE and 2D PAGE revealed changes in the bacterial surface protein composition induced by the PCIs. In contrast, neither DNA nor cytoplasm protein damage was detected electrophoretically. The antimicrobial action of the PCIs seems to occur because of chemical modification of the surface proteins of bacteria. In situ hydroxyl radical formation on the surface of bacteria was proposed as the leading mechanism of the protein damage caused by the PCIs. At the same time, DNA damage seems not to be involved in the antibacterial action of the PCIs.

The data obtained would broaden the knowledge concerning the antibacterial effects of air-born plasma-generated cluster ions and help to produce more efficient air-cleaning devices.

Bron: www.pubmed.com artikel 16594309


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